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Paintball=Kick Ass

Oh shit man, im fucking sunburnt on the neck, I'm tired from so much walking and running, and i hurt from the bruises, but i could not have asked for a better day.I only have like three noticable wounds and then the sunburn but i ache all over.It was sweet though.We got there at like 10 this mornging and left at 4.Me, matt, tom, brian, and ray all went.That was the final group.I got shot by my own teammate.Its an interesting story and if you wanna know just ask but i dont wanna type it.I still feel like i have the paint all over me although i was well showered.Im so fucking hungry.Dinner better be soon or theres gonna be a beat down up in this biatch.Tomorrow i gott work at 10.That sucks, but no church, that is great.Yeah.Later.
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