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And I'm Not So Sure, If I'm Sure Of Anything, Anymore..........

Today started out with me happy.That lasted almost the whole day.I've been thinking alot latly and soon ill tell about what its all about.I dont really wanna say yet.Sorry for those who are confused.Well anyway I didnt have to go to school till 12:20 today.That was pretty cool.Then all day was alright, since i went in late it was afternoon classes and they arent so fun but it was alright.Then after school i went to Tom Luxtons house.It was cool right up till i found out that Jay told lietaerts and malloy im copying there music.Thanx fuck-up.That was a totally fucked up move.But anyway so i felt shitty the rest of the day, but it has kinda been resolved.Hopefully this will stop happening.Besides that Toms house was fun.Then i walked home which was cool cause i needed that time.I dunno it just seem this shit happens all too often.But ill live and i suppose thats worth something.Later.
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