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Rather Waste Some Time With You..............

Well yesterday was great.After school I went to Zachs where were supposed to have an 8 man game of Halo.But since we didnt really consult anyone before that day, it ended up being me, Zach, Jeff, and Brad playing Time Splitters 2.We played that for quite awhile but then the best part of the night happened.We went and saw X-Men 2.It was fucking great.Anyone who thought the first good, will think this is the greatest movie ever.Since all the storyline was told in the first one, this one has a thousand more fight sequences.But so yeah, it was awesome.Then when i got home, vicki was still up and asked if i wanted to watch this movie that she brought home called Equlibrium, which turned out to be a great movie.Its fight scenes were a little matrix rip off type shit but not to much.It was all in all a great movie.Well im gonna go.I work from 8 till ?.So this could be a long fucking day.Later.
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