The Killing Three (iggysk8er116) wrote,
The Killing Three

The Day The World Crumbled.............

This was never ment to destroy you all
This was never my fault
But none the less, I'll accept the blame
After all it's the same
As we follow this ending to the beginning
To where were one being

Today i woke up
Rubbed the sleep from my eyes
And died, inside
They all deserted me
I accepted defeat so easily
And I, cried

Knock down these pillars
Break this glass
Because I'm so sick
And tired of that
You've gotta get off my back
Before my spine snaps

Arrested at noon
For a crime I didn't commit
Damn me, Damn it
No one paid my bail
So I'm Stuck Here till hell
I broke, my shell

Yell like it makes a difference
Screaming is all i here from you
Migranes that cause confrontation
These saying all make sense now
I was always told by friends I'm told i have
That your the one I should run from

I came home
To face my bold perjury
Wounds, cut deep
Sentenced to death
No judge, court, or jury
Just the, executioner and me

Strip me of my humanity
Take me false sense of security
Cause today the world crumbled
And there was no one there to say goodbye to
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